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Capital Lending Corporation

About Us

Fuel your drive to advance.

Alon Capital is that partner—Filipinos in support of fellow local innovators. Powering businesses, big or small, old or new, with financial solutions and creative options to help them break through their limitations.

Alon Capital’s mission is to break the funding gap and be the partner of choice of local SMEs


What We Offer

Alon Capital provides business loans in any form. Whether it is for working capital purposes, PO or invoice financing, small capital expenditures, or other financing requirements, our loan solutions will provide the lift that your business needs.

Why Choose Alon?


Fast and seamless processing

Once all documents have been provided, processing and approval will only take 3 to 5 business days depending on the sufficiency of the information


Higher approval
rate than banks

Small businesses often struggle with bank approvals, but Alon ensures quick loan approval and release after assessing the client's repayment capacity, facilitating swift access to funding.


Competitive interest rates and processing fees

Our rates are determined by thorough analysis of prevailing market rates for similar services, ensuring competitiveness and transparency in pricing


Easy repayment and
re-borrowing procedures

Payments are done through post-dated checks. Repeat borrowers with good repayment history will be able to re-borrow without having to go through the whole approval process

Industry of Borrowers

• Manufacturing
• Food and Beverage

• Brokerage
• Trading

• Leisure
• Lending
• Cosmetics

• Construction

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